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3 Tips for Using Mirrors to Improve Your Rooms

Close up smiling woman hanging or fixing mirror on wall

Imagine a world without mirrors. You would have no way to check your appearance before leaving the house every day. You’d be forced to conduct routine grooming activities without the benefit of a clear reflection. But most importantly, your home …

Clever Ideas to Make a Home Gym Attractive

Training at home with gym equipment

Staying in shape is as important as creating an attractive house. The cost of a gym membership can add up over time, with monthly membership fees adding up to hundreds of dollars each year. For the same price, a homeowner …

4 Home Remodeling Projects You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Modern and luxury dark gray bathroom vanity with counter top, round ceramic washbasin, black faucet and frameless mirror

Nothing can compare to the gratification that comes from successfully completing a home remodeling project yourself. Whether you’re retiling your bathroom or finishing a basement, there are many things you can accomplish yourself with hard work and determination.

However, there …

3 Ideas for Gardening When You Have a Small Yard

Woman holding indoor window vegetable planters

As consumer demand for fresh, affordable produce has risen, more homeowners than ever have become interested in growing their own. But with homes so tightly packed together in newer neighborhoods, finding space to design and nurture a garden can be …

New Home Buyer? 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Woman holding keys from new home and embracing man

Buying a house is a huge financial step, and is one you need to take with careful consideration. It’s the quintessential American dream, but can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t do your due diligence. Typically, it’s new …