8 Simple Ways to Update Your Home

There’s probably something in your home that needs updating especially if you can’t even recall the last time you switched things up. What could have been hip back in the day is undoubtedly displeasing today.

Here are 8 features in your home that are unquestionably making it look outdated, along with quick fixes for each.


The color of your walls is one of the first things guests will see when they enter your house. It’s time for a change if your walls are still painted in blush, dusty rose, or even yellow. Fortunately, this is a simple remedy that just needs a few cans of paint and a little labor.

Think about painting the walls with a more timeless neutral color that will suit everyone’s tastes. Alternately, if you want to experiment with something currently in style, like a gray-green or something earthy, go for it. You can always repaint it next year.


More and more homeowners are replacing their wall-to-wall carpeting with more contemporary flooring, including hardwood, vinyl, or ceramic. In many cases, carpeting is acceptable, but you might want to think twice if it is soiled, shaggy, or has an uncomfortable bold color.

In this situation, you may choose to simply pull out the outdated carpeting and replace it with something more stylish and current. Thankfully, engineered hardwood has increased the number of accessible flooring options available today. You can create long-lasting, aesthetically beautiful floors that closely resemble wood with these materials.


What we’re discussing here is most likely familiar to you. Those enormous entertainment centers, large enough to accommodate your massive tube TV, a VCR, stereo system, and CD player. There was probably enough space to store VHS videos and books too.

These huge, out-of-date entertainment systems are no longer necessary because televisions are as flat as they possibly can be these days. Since they are usually installed on walls or over fireplaces, the use of these antique pieces of furniture is not justified. Replace that outdated entertainment center with floating shelves or another delicate, understated, and less imposing option.


A sleigh bed. oversized sofas. You see what we mean. These antiquated furnishings can significantly age your house. It can be expensive to replace furniture with more contemporary pieces, but the time and money are well spent.

You might also consider refurbishing what you currently have if you don’t want to make a sizable dent in your bank account. Consider painting wooden furniture items a deep, rich color, or, for a more modern appearance, cover any loudly patterned sofas and chairs with a solid color slipcover.


Cheap sheet laminate countertops are a surefire way to make your kitchen look dated, especially if they are peeling apart. Yes, these materials are quite cheap, but saving a few dollars shouldn’t come at the expense of style.

There are other reasonably priced solutions that are more contemporary. For instance, granite is a stylish, modern material that is also getting more affordable every day. You should also think about quartz, soapstone, and even wooden butcher blocks for your kitchen counters.


Remember back in the day when Grandma had valances and window treatments with pink and green flower patterns all over her house? Even while it could bring back some pleasant memories, these window decorations have no place in a contemporary house. Take down the cloth if you are guilty of using it on your windows, especially if it has fringed trim and tassels.

If privacy is not a concern, leave the windows open and take in the view while letting the light in. Alternately, take into account something more modern and classic, such draping drapes across a rod in a more muted and neutral fabric and print.


Shiny brass or gold is just tacky, whether it’s used for bed posts, cabinet hardware, or lighting fixtures. When these items are taken out and replaced with ones that have other finishes, such brushed nickel, black, or chrome, you’d be shocked at the change that results. Simply go to your neighborhood home improvement store, where you can choose from a wide selection of the newest trends.


Even if it was popular three decades ago, this feature is also very out-of-date. Wallpaper borders are the epitome of excessive decorating from the 1980s. When they are placed immediately on top of wallpaper, they appear particularly antiquated. It’s time to scrape off any remaining wall bordering that has flowers, stars, vines, or other ugly patterns in order to give your walls a more consistent appearance.

Replacing these out-of-date features can significantly improve the overall look and feel of your home, whether you’re trying to improve its marketability or just want a fresh look for your personal aesthetic appeal.